How do we replace OLAP in elastic search?

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As we are processing 10 millions of data every day and our system is going to support 4 years of data. Where business will do pivoting of fields using specific metrics. And they will see the reports in graphs with almost 10 graphs on it.
Earlier, our database system was in SQL server and we used to keep analysed / processed data into cubes using MOLAP model.

Question 1. Is any approach defined to replace MOLAP system (Cubes / Facts) in Elastic search?
Question 2. Could someone provide a way to do pivoting in query instead to get millions of records when go by full content search?
Question 3. Does there a direct way to connect Elastic stack from SSAS (Tabular) / Excel / Tableau?

It is very much appreciated if someone provide response at the earliest.

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Bujji babu P.

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