How document frequency is getting updated in Elasticsearch?

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How doc frequency getting updated ? Whenever we update new documents or entries? Or any thing which ES decides? we have analyzed and could not find a proper solution for this ?

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Can somebody help on this ?

(Mark Walkom) #3

What do you mean by updated?

(banupriya) #4

While adding a new document how doc frequency is getting updated ?

(Mark Walkom) #5

A document is updated whenever an update is sent to ES. If nothing is sent then nothing changes.
Is that what you mean by frequency?

(banupriya) #6

For Ex: If I am searching for a word 'abc technology solution india' then the word india appears in almost all the document so the query response time is very high. How to limit this doc frequency to get the results faster ?

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How the term frequency is calculated when adding or updating a document is my question . How elasticsearch does this ? Ex : If I have word India 5 times in a 2 documents and if I add a new document with the word india then how the term frequency is calculated and stored ?

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You may want to read and

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