How documents is retrieved if we are not using _routing

I have an index with 3 primary and 1 replicas,total 6 shards for an index.
I sent 5 messages to Elasticsearch cluster and these messages is distributed among 5 different shards.

As a client i am curious how a client can retrieve particular message using document id.
I've used GET test_index/_doc/1

But how this document is routed.When i sent GET request how my client know that document id is stored in this shards and nodes.

The shard id is computed from the document id.
It's basically "a modulo the number of shards".

are you saying this formula shard_id=hash(document_id) % no_of_shards

Yes. See _routing field | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

routing_factor = num_routing_shards / num_primary_shards
shard_num = (hash(_routing) % num_routing_shards) / routing_factor

If no _routing is provided, then the _id is used.

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