How does EKS get autheticarted with AWS in order to get the data

Hi All,
My environment is
elasticsearch/stable,now 7.4.2 amd64
metricbeat/stable,now 7.4.2 amd64

I was going through the docs

I was not able to see the docs for how to setup ELK to take values from AWS ( ie information on how to configure roles, access keys and where to keep it in EKS

Requesting docs or url for such setup information
Joseph John

Hi @Joseph_John, are you interested in running Metricbeat to collect AWS cloudwatch metrics? here is the configuration on that. Also if you are interested in running cloudwatch metricset specifically, then might also help.

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Thanks Kaiyan,
will check the url and will be updating the progress

Hi Kaiyan,
Going through the blog

In the blog , section " 3. Set AWS credentials in the config file"
There is some room for more clarity in which linux user do they need to do aws configure
is it for the root user or for the sudo user
If you can guide me on this point, it is highly appreciated
Joseph John

Found it , it should be in the file

I first read the blog, so got bit out of sync

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