How does ES multi match query with a type cross_field do analsis of given string?

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I was reading ES docs on multi-match query with a type cross_field but a
bit confused on how it does analysis of given input string.

The cross_field type tries to solve these problems at query time by taking
a term-centricapproach. It first analyzes the query string into
individual terms, then looks for each term in any of the fields, as though
they were one big field.

So when it analyzes the query into individual terms, which analyzer and
filter dows it use ? Can we configure it with a specific analyzer and
filter at index time on the fields in mapping ?

I think we can now use multi-match as a replacement for query string ?
Earlier multi-match will match a document only if the query string after
analysis is present entirely in one field but now we can search for a
document where a document consists of all the query terms, no matter if it
is present in one field or a combination of fields. Am I correct ?


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