How does Shield integrate with Kibana 4?


Kibana 4 uses HTTP Basic Authentication to authenticate to Elasticsearch with Shield. For convenience, Shield includes a default role for use with Kibana 4 (

Encryption between Kibana 4 and Elasticsearch

You can optionally set encryption on Shield-enabled requests from Kibana 4. We recommend you do that, so that credentials are not passed in the clear. See for additional details.

Data-level security

In the initial release for Kibana 4, only data-level security is provided. This means that if a user sees a chart, but Elasticsearch permissions do not allow the user to execute a query that populates the chart, it will be empty for that user. At this time, there is no view-level security for Kibana based on Shield, but we are considering this enhancement for future versions.

Sorry for the shameless plug but the Trifork Blog has a post about Shield with Kibana 4.