How does the ELK people earn money and support continuous development?

I am fairly new to this and i was asked this question by my manager and i had not answer. i have read few terms like paid elastic cloud subscription or plugins but can anyone please explain Who and How's of the various ways ELK people earn and support upgrades.

Subscriptions to our commercial functionality and support, training and consulting services, hosted platforms like Elastic Cloud.

  • But do you guys support in the development/enhancement/feature req/bug fixes etc of the ELK as well or the general GitHub community does that?

  • And if your client ask for a specific feature addition, do you provide that under subscription or by extra changes?

  • By using your your cloud platform. Is it secure for any financial institution as well?

We do accept contributions to all our code from the community, but we are the main maintainers.
We don't do paid features.

Depends what your requirements are really.

Okay got it.

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