How does the match_phrase work for a field with different search_analyzer/index_analyzer?

Hi, all

The problem is I have an document field whose search analyzer is
"fielda_search" and index analyzer is "fielda_index".

I cannot use the exact term to find the document.

here is the gist to reproduce the situation:

My example document is "{"name": "Canon PowerShot D500"}".

The two token set of the two analyzers are:

fielda_indexCanon 1PowerShot 2Power 2Shot 3D500 4D 4500 5fielda_searchCanon
1PowerShot 2D500 3D 3500 4

Obviously, it's different. But the token of the search analyzer are all
included in the index analyzer. why it cannot be found by match_phrase?

If I change the search_analzyer to be the same one of index_analyzer, the
match_phrase can find the document.

So what is the problem? And what is the rule of match_phrase? Does it need
to match all the tokens to be exact same ?

BTW, I am using ES 1.0.1.

Any idea?



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