How does timestamp range work with wildcard index?

I'm trying to understand how search with a timestamp range works and whether I should use a specific index to make the search faster or if I can use a wildcard. The performance test didn't show any difference.

So I have a wildcard index 1p-minus-system-* and it contains all the date indexes like


And I try to make a search for the last 10 minutes with the query

  "query": {
      "bool": {
          "must": [
              {"match_phrase": {"context.worker": psp}},
              {"range": {"@timestamp": {"gte": "now-10m/m", "lte": "now/m"}}},
  "_source": ["", "context.operation_id", "context.worker", "short_message"],
  "sort": [
      {"@timestamp": {"order": "asc"}}

Using a wildcard to match all indices is fine as querying an index that does not contain any documents matching the timestamp is very quick. This used to be expensive, which required various types of workarounds, but that is no longer the case.

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