How hide filter and mail and other configurations in ELK

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It is a theoretical question . If I am installing ELK stack for a client in their machines . How can I hide my configurations from them . I want to hide my filters and configurations in ELK stack . Is it possible ?
The problem is that client had the root privilege in their machines .

Is it possible to hide mail configuration in elasticsearch.yml ? from mail's username and password

is it possible to hide kibana username and password in kibana.yml?

If the client has root access to the machine then it is not possible to hide things from them.
They have the ability to inspect the memory of running processes, open any file on the machine, copy the raw index data and use standard Lucene tools to read them. The best you could hope for is to hide some parts so that they would have to put in extra effort in order to read them.

In Elasticsearch it is possible to put some settings into the keystore which makes it far more difficult for them to get access to the settings (but not impossible).

Kibana has a similar feature.

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