How hot node differ from warm node

Total index=25
Shards/day=25x2=50 shards
Log retention 60 days
Logs for 60 days=100x60=6Tb
Shards for 60 days=50x60=3000

So we are planning to use 3 master node with 8gb heap 6 hot data node each with 1tb ssd and 64gb ram and 2 client node with 8gb heap size
In hot node we keep data of 60 days.
My question is if we want this data (60 days data) in warm node does it also need 6tb storage and same heap size for retaining 60 days data.

Why 50 shards for 100gb data? That sounds excessive.

We have 25 index and the 25 index size is 50gb including replica 100gb

@Christian_Dahlqvist is this is good?

That is a quite small average shard size. I would recommend you try getting to an average shard size above 10GB.

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