How index/type in ElasticSearch app can be visualize in Kabana

I am new to ElasticSearch and Kibana, I am try to integrate Spark with ES + Kibana for visualization.

object SimpleApp {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    val conf = new SparkConf().setAppName("Spark-ES-Kibana")

    conf.set("es.nodes.discovery", "false")
      conf.set("es.nodes", "localhost")  
      conf.set("", "true") 

      val sc = new SparkContext(conf)  

      sc.hadoopConfiguration.set("es.resource", "spark/docs")
      sc.hadoopConfiguration.set("spark.serializer", classOf[KryoSerializer].getName)
	val numbers = Map("one" -> 1, "two" -> 2, "three" -> 3)
	val airports = Map("arrival" -> "Otopeni", "SFO" -> "San Fran")
	sc.makeRDD(Seq(numbers, airports)).saveToEs("spark/docs")

My question is after running this app in Spark Standalone mode, How can visualize the stuff in Kibana. How index/type ( in this case spark/docs ) is related in context to Kibana ?

I tried to figure out link and read about query, but no luck. Looking forward for help.

Have you added the index pattern to KB?

I tried but it is not accepting. I might missing something.

What should be the index pattern in Kibana ? How to specify index pattern related to "spark/docs" mention in the app ?

I think the index you want is spark.
Take a look at _cat/indices to check/confirm.

thanks, I will look into CAT APIs. I got into Kibana discover tab by using a wildcard "*"