How Kibana's parameters env work in docker?

I am reading the docker file of Kibana. Here is the link: Kibana official docker file.

I noticed that the config can come into force by just set the environments. I've seen the annotation of its theory. But I do not know how to begin with it.

# The virtual file /proc/self/cgroup should list the current cgroup
# membership. For each hierarchy, you can follow the cgroup path from
# this file to the cgroup filesystem (usually /sys/fs/cgroup/) and
# introspect the statistics for the cgroup for the given
# hierarchy. Alas, Docker breaks this by mounting the container
# statistics at the root while leaving the cgroup paths as the actual
# paths. Therefore, Kibana provides a mechanism to override
# reading the cgroup path from /proc/self/cgroup and instead uses the
# cgroup path defined the configuration properties
# ops.cGroupOverrides.cpuPath and ops.cGroupOverrides.cpuAcctPath.
# Therefore, we set this value here so that cgroup statistics are
# available for the container this process will run in.

Can you give me some guidance of how to have a deeper understanding of this knowledge point. Thanks a lot.

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