How load template with logstash using elasticsearch output plugin

hi friends
i want to load my template on the output of logstash to map correctly my json
i'm trying this but template is not loaded

output {		
    elasticsearch {
index => "ciao-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
document_type => "ciao_prova"
manage_template => true
template => "C:\Users\Lock\Desktop\canonicoTemplate\template.json"
template_overwrite => "true"
codec => json

this is my "template.json" file that i want to load...must i add other in the first lines or is correct in this way?

Screenshot (23)

where I'm wronging?

That's not what an index template looks like. I'm pretty sure your Logstash log contains messages indicating that Elasticsearch is rejecting the template. See the examples at

Maybe i have resolved with this

What do you think?
Now it is working

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