How logstash read multiline data line by line

i am new to elk .am phasing some problem about logstash ,tell me that i can solve this problem with logstash or not?
i have a csv file like this.

a: rajat
b: 123,321a,543, 123a.......

a: ashish
b: 878, 543, 321, 123b.......
a: mohit
b: 123,321a,543, 123a.......

so my csv file look like this .
and this is my flag value that can be compare with each field with field b only.

flag1 : b=> 123,123a
flag2: b =>321a
flag3: b=>878

so i compare my flag1 with rajat record like this

( 123,321a,543, 123a.......)== flag1
add new field to file.
c=>X if not equal then add c=>M
next flag 1 value compare with 2nd record and if match then add filed value same like above like this we compre all flag value with all records how can possible with logstash. please give me the right way to do this
........ with your regards....

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