How long does ElasticSearch store the in memory index of percolator?

Hey I'm using ElasticSearch version 1.7.
The percolator documentation says:
"At percolate time, the document specified in the request gets parsed into a Lucene document and is stored in a in-memory Lucene index."

I would like to know for how the following:

  1. For how long does the index exist?
  2. Is there any caching of the percolated documents (is the index re-created at each request) ?
  3. Is the document also persisted in any way?

The reason I'm asking is because the content of the percolator request is confidential and I would like to know if after the request it could be available by queries or any other way.


For the lifespan of the entire percolator request.

No, there is not.

No, the memory index is cleaned after the percolator request has been executed.

So one percolate request can never see the content of the other percolate request.

Thanks !