How long does it take to clone an index with 2TB of data?

I want to create an identical copy of an existing index with about 2 TB of data, Clone API seems to be the best option here. To clone an index, the index must be marked as read-only, so it will block my application when the clone operation is performed. Due to some design limitations, I can't use an alias or ILM-managed indexes here, so I'd like to know how long it would take to clone an index with 2TB of data.

Total Node in cluster:6
Number of primary shards: 10
Number of replica shards: 1
Memory per Node: 5GB
Elasticsearch 7.17

It's usually fast (a few seconds) because it hard-links the data instead of copying it as long as your filesystem supports hard-links. But even if it takes a little longer to complete, you can remove the read-only block as soon as the clone has started.

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Thank you David for the quick response.

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