How many Filebeat containers can connect to an ES node?


Would like to know if there is a limitation on the number of different filebeat containers that can save data into one ES node? Which is the actual Filebeat number that one can have in order to ship data to ES? The ES:9200 socket accepts 20, 30, 50 different Filebeat connections during the same time?

I am asking this because i have different types of logs that need to be shipped and need to know the technical limitations.

Also which is the maximum traffic in GB that ES can accept in order to save data?

Thank you!

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I guess that depends on how large the node is, what version it's running, how many events Filebeat is trying to push over and how large they are.

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Thank you for yout answer!
The version is 7.13.0 and the amount of events each filebeat has to ship is 10.000 per each day.
Multiply this with 50. Can be done?

Also there is a documentarion regarding the limitations of the elasticsearch tool? i.e 1gb/second and 50 filebeats connections.


There's no specific limit on the number of clients per node, but a single node can definitely handle at least several thousand clients at once, maybe more. 50 won't be a problem. Similarly, 10k events per second is achievable, 10k events per client per day should be no big deal.


Thank you!

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