How many nodes I need?

I'd like to know how to count the number of nodes I need. As I know (but I'm pretty new, so know a little) I don't need Ingest node - Master and Data is enough.
But how many Masters and how many Data nodes I need? What determines these amounts and how to count it.

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:

Hey LesioS,

In relation to number of required master nodes the answer is simple - it's three Master nodes. This avoids split brains but still gives you redundancy.

In relation to data nodes it all depends on your data. This is a good article that gives some pointers to configure your index settings -->

There is no substitute for actually testing different data node configurations with your data to see the impact.

Many thanks for your replies. Now I'm a little bit more familar with sizing Data nodes. But still don't catch why I need (at least) 3 Master nodes?

As master election is based on consensus across master-eligible nodes, 3 master eligible nodes is the minimum in order to have a highly available system.

Number of Master/Data nodes in single cluster is in any way limited by subscription type?

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