How much data can be recorded by http.request.body.original

Our backend application uses a lot of parameters, they need to be kept all, I did not find the document mentioned how much length is limited.

We use apm .net agent

@wajika I'm not a .NET guy, but from poking through the code it looks like it truncates at 2048 bytes (apm-agent-dotnet/Consts.cs at master · elastic/apm-agent-dotnet · GitHub).

It would definitely be helpful to document that at:

And if you need more than 2KiB of captured body (and are fine with the potential size impact on Elasticsearch storage) then an issue requesting this limit be configurable would be a helpful start.

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Hi trentm.
Thank you for your reply.

I have read this document, but the page does not mention how to modify the body length.

How should I submit an issue?

@wajika Currently that value is not configurable. Yes, submitting a feature request issue would be the next best step.

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