How much memory does single elastic search instance need for 200MB of document?

I am running a single elastic search instance, the ram consumption is always above 90% of total 4GB ram. Does elasticsearch needs alot of ram by default?

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Elasticsearch uses the JVM HEAP you defined in jvm.options and the OS uses a filesystem cache to load files in memory.

4gb RAM is not really "a lot" though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. What is the advised RAM for single instance? The data size is almost 200 MB when indexing through bulk api.

It's working well on my laptop for the same size of data and the default heap size of 1gb.
But it depends on the use case, the injection rate, the search rate, the size of the documents, the search request....

You have to try.

You didn't explain if there was a problem though. Is there any?

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200MB is not much for elasticsearch. You should be fine with a heap size of 1gb. Normal elastic nodes use up to 50% of their ram as heap. If you have a machine with 16GB ram you can assign up to 8GB for elastic. But as I said, there should be no problem with 200MB. I handle 50GB of data with 2GB heap size.


There's no problem as of now, only I'm seeing >90% ram consumption. And it seems it's normal for elastic search.

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