How percolator request ll works in multicluster

Hi Team,
Hope you are doing well..
We are using elasticsearch mainly for his percolator features , so first we ll index abt 10 lakh queries then we ll throw doc's into that index one by one , then we ll collect return hits .

now we successfully connected multiple machines elasticsearch in to one cluster.
and each machines have a documents queue and it ll search with ES percolate queries.

And my question is ,
1, did we need to index percolate queries in all machines or indexing in one machine is enough (becoz of all machines are in same cluster)
2 , if indexing in one machine's is enough then which node it save's that 10L queries .. ??
am assuming that each node have some amount of queries , when search it ll work together. so if one node is down in that cluster , what ll happen to the saved queries in that node ? when we search that time .. is there anyway hits ll reduce ?

Thanks in advance..

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