How read or analyze content of file?

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Hi, please help.
I got excetion on elasticsearch 2.3.5 (lucen 5.5.0)

Caused by: failed to read [id:1, legacy:false, file:/esdata/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/ta4TwW_jS1WJl7PhghEW-Q/_state/]
	at org.elasticsearch.gateway.MetaDataStateFormat.loadLatestState(
	... 50 more
Caused by: org.elasticsearch.gateway.CorruptStateException: Format version is not supported (resource SimpleFSIndexInput(path="/esdata/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/ta4TwW_jS1WJl7PhghEW-Q/_state/")): 1 (needs to be between 0 and 0)
	at org.apache.lucene.codecs.CodecUtil.checkHeaderNoMagic(

Tool lluke 5.5.0 can read index folders in folder ta4TwW_jS1WJl7PhghEW-Q and says that documents are generated by lucene 5.3 or later.

So I dont' know what is wrong.
How can I inspect content of files?

(Lee Hinman) #2

State files are SMILE-encoded files with additional checksum and version headers, there isn't a way to really read them, however, you can use a hex editor to inspect the contents of the state file (to see what it contains)

Do you perhaps have a backup copy of the data that you can restore a non-corrupt version of the state from?

(Vsevolod Kaimashnikov) #3

Yes, I have backup. Thanks for your advice about hex editor.

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