How retain certain index for more time than the other?

I'm on Elasticsearch 6.4, I have 4 indexes out of which for 2 I need to set the retention period to be 60 days, how do I set that?

Have you looked at ILM?

Yes, but its not available in 6.4 I guess not seen anything related to ILM in 6.4 docs. It got introduced in 6.8.

Ah ok, can you upgrade?

Are you using time-based indices or will you need to delete specific documents from within the indices?

I’m planning to upgrade but in the upgrade process I might need to delete or reindex all my indexes and I’m trying to avoid that by saving some indexes.

I’m using time based indexes, everyday it generates new index, basically pattern is <index_name>-mm-dd-yyyy

We create index everyday, the basic pattern is like: index_name-yyyy-mm-dd.We write some shell scripts to implement the index lifecycle management, for example:create snapshot for indices everyday 、periodically delete index that have been backed up successfully.Maybe you can try !

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