How should I configure to bind to an aws elastic IP

I'm trying to set up an elasticsearch service to bind to the elastic IP assigned to the instance it's running on - but can't figure out the correct way.

I've tried: = [local, ""] = =

When starting with the elastic IP the service throws an unable to bind exception on restart and closes. When starting with it stasrts but binds to the internal IP of the instance 10.0.0.x

So what should I be setting this to to corretly bind to the external IP?

Is the IP assigned to an interface on the host?

No I think there is a NAT layer since the instance is inside a VPC so en0 is bound to 10.0.0.x and somewhere outside AWS translates the external IP to the internal IP

You can't bind to an IP that doesn't exist on a local interface.

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