How should I manage hyphen in my request

I have tried the following but it does not work if I have a hyphen in my id: http://localhost:9200/account/useraccounts/_search?q=id:"* CMRZ*"
when I send <--> then result is

1-CMRZ-121 <--> 1-CMRZ-121

1-CMRZ- <--> 1-CMRZ-121 ,1-CMRZ-165



Thus now i know the problem is with the hyphen. Any way of preventing this such that I get the following answer?

1-CMR <--> 1-CMRA-971,1-CMRZ-121 ,1-CMRZ-165

First, you should rather use the query DSL, where the query is stated in the body of a HTTP request, as this prevents confusion or any requirement to URL encode parts of your query.

Second, can you please provide a fully reproducible example? I have no idea, what a query is, what a stored documents looks like, how your mapping or index configuration looks like. Those are all needed.


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