How static mapping works at storage level


I am using static mappings for elastic index with 10 fields as indexed fields, but application is sending 20 fields.

out of 20 fields only 10 fields will be available for searching and querying

does non indexed fields consumer storage at elastic?


Hi @prabhakar_talari

Why don't you drop those fields via logstash so they are not stored? Any data store takes up storage space.


Thanks for the reply.

I will be dropping the fields if i know but consumers are generating some additional fields which we are not aware so in those cases would like to understand if elastic use the storage for non-indexed fields or not.

Yes, as they are still stored.

In most cases, the answer is yes. Unless you explicitly turn off _source option, the entire document you entered is stored in the _source field.

I'm not sure it is possible, you may delete unnecessary fields by script processor of ingest pipeline.