How the heck do you setup the default password?

I download elastic 6.1.4
Unzip elastic 6.1.4
install x-pack
start elasticsearch 6.1.4
run setup-passwords auto

Unexpected response code [403] from calling GET
Possible causes include:

  • The relative path of the URL is incorrect. Is there a proxy in-between?
  • The protocol (http/https) does not match the port.
  • Is this really an Elasticsearch server?

ERROR: Uknown error

I don't understand. Once i install x-pack it will require authentication to access, yet that setup-plugins appears to try and hit ES without it... so it fails. How in the heck is that ever supposed to work?

If you're interested in the technical details they're documented here:

But knowing the details isn't necessarily going to fix the problem for you.
Is that list of steps completly accurate?

There shouldn't be any way to get a 403 from that URL.

For other folks who come by this, I had the same issue - doing a curl against the URL it complains about provides more information - you need to have an elastic stack license which supports security.

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