How to access elasticsearch as localhost from Nginx server as reverse proxy

How to access as localhost from Nginx server as reverse proxy
I have 4 elasticsearch node on 4 separate servers:

Nginx is running on separate server:

In elasticsearch.yml on each of the above elasticsearch nodes
http.port: 9200

I want to access elasticsearch through NGINX as reverse proxy server as

Going by the Elasticsearch Ip restriction using NGINX
I tried with iptables to restrict elasticsearch access through only NGINX as below on each of the easticsearch nodes

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 9200 -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 9200 -j DROP

It is not working. I am unable access elasticsearch as from nginx server

Can nobody please help me here.

if you bind to localhost/, nginx will not be able to reach elasticsearch over the network.

My idea of having Nginx in front of elastisearch is to protect elasticsearch. I want to restrict direct access of elasticsearch from data/and master nodes without any authorization.
In Nginx config file I am applying Authentication for Elasticsearch.

upstream elasticsearch {
keepalive 15;
server {
listen 8050;
auth_basic "Protected Elasticsearch";
auth_basic_user_file /u11/nginx/config/conf.d/elasticsearch.htpasswd;

  location / {
  proxy_pass http://elasticsearch;
  proxy_set_header Connection "Keep-Alive";
  proxy_set_header Proxy-Connection "Keep-Alive";
  proxy_redirect off;


What action is to be taken in network to proxy_pass from nginx to remote elastic server where in the remote server elasticsearch runs as localhost

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