How to add a column that includes a mathematical operation

I am trying to create a column that calculates the average Session Percentage. The operation is quite simple: take the session Total of each row and divide it by the overall session total. So in this case the "Session Percentage" for "main" would be: 202/ (202+0+146) = 59.7%. I really appreciate the help!

Hello Max,

What problem do you have with it? Do you not know where to start or have you already tried and got an error message?

If I understand you right you do not want to reindex all data to add the calculation result. Instead you want to add a column which is calculated just in time. In this case, Kibanas scripted fields are for you(beware that this might affect performance!): Scripted fields

So you could go to the Kibana Admin page, select the Index pattern and add a scripted field like(untested code!):

doc['main'].value / (doc['main'].value + doc['ResetUserData'].value + doc['MediaService'].value)

Best regards

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