How to add analyzers for node clients search

Hi. This is my first time trying elastic search and I am looking for a way to include an analyzer in my code. I have a bug at work that prevents me from doing a search like this, where the search term is
1:45 am. I want to use the whitespace analyzer but I have no idea how to go about it.

The node client has a code that looks like the snippet below and I am searching by title. Please note that necessary conditions and sufficient conditions work for all kinds of search except when it contains a special character.

const data = await{
            index: 'meetings',
            type: 'notes',
            body: {
              'sort': [{date: {order: "desc"}}],
                'query': {
                    'bool': {
                        'must': necessaryCondition,
                        'should': sufficientCondition,
                        'minimum_should_match': 1
                '_source': ['title', 'validAttendees' ...etc]

I hope my phrasing of the question is good enough for anyone reading this to be able to help. Thanks in advance.

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