How to add contexts to Suggestion Builder in java

SuggestionBuilder suggestionBuilder = SuggestBuilders.completionSuggestion("suggest").prefix("test").contexts(Collections.singletonMap("cat", Collections.singletonList(CategoryQueryContext.builder().setCategory("cat0").build())));
			SuggestBuilder suggestBuilder = new SuggestBuilder();
			suggestBuilder.addSuggestion("test123", suggestionBuilder);
			SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest("test");
			SearchSourceBuilder searchSourceBuilder = new SearchSourceBuilder();
			SearchResponse searchResponse =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);`Preformatted text`

In the above code, the contexts method does not let me pass the argument as above. It says : The method contexts(Map<String,List<? extends ToXContent>>) in the type CompletionSuggestionBuilder is not applicable for the arguments (Map<String,List<

Is there a different way to add context in the SuggestionBuilder in java?
I am using elastic 7.

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