How to add custom index descriptor mapping to added fields (Nest .net)


I use a repository to deal with Elasticsearch CRUD operations. It works but I face a problem :
when I add fields to an existing index I don't know how to apply custom Index Descriptor. It works with an AutoMap but if I need any kind of custom how should I do ?

        public ElasticSearchRepository(IElasticClient elasticClient, string index, Func<CreateIndexDescriptor, ICreateIndexRequest> indexDescriptor)
            _elasticClient = elasticClient;
            _index = index.ToLower();

            var exist = _elasticClient.Indices.Exists(_index);
            if (!exist.Exists)
                var res = _elasticClient.Indices.Create(_index, indexDescriptor);

                if (!res.IsValid)
                    throw res.OriginalException;
                // Try to apply potential added mappings
                var mapResponse = _elasticClient.Map<T>(x => x.Index(_index).AutoMap()); // <==== here I can apply AutoMap, but how to use my custom indexDescriptor ???
                if (!mapResponse.IsValid)
                    throw mapResponse.OriginalException;

Thank you!

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