How to add Markdown visualize background color and styles

Hi All,

I have created Kibana Markdown Visualize.but how to add styles for that visualize.
Example: backgroud-color, text-align etc.

Note : Now i am using kibana,elasticsearch versions 7.3.0

please help me.


Hi, it's not possible to add custom CSS in the markdown visualization.

However you can work around that limitation by using the TSVB visualization in markdown mode. In the Panel options tab you can specify custom CSS for your markdown visualization, e.g. giving h3s or ps a custom background color.

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HI flash,

Thanks to the quick replay.

now i am using only markdown visualization. but i am not using time series visualization.
(my actual problem is i have created time-series visualization.and added to dashboard.but this dashboard not showing without an index(it is default dashboard). that's why now i have created markdown visualization without index.)

or any other way to create time-series visualization without index.


I'm not sure I understand you correctly - as long as you enter a * as the index pattern in TSVB it should show the markdown text, given you have at least one index in your Elasticsearch instance. Which index should not matter because in your use case you are not accessing the data anyway.

Or do you mean something else?

Thank you flash

once again thanks to your support

it is working fine.

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