How to add more Attributes to the Completion Suggester

I want to build an Autocomplete from a query datasets.
This Dataset contains some attributes like:
Session ID, Query, Timestamp and more..

So i´ve build an Autocomplete feature with the "Completion Suggester" first, where i can sort the queries for Popularity, where my "weight" attribute is the occurrence of the query in the whole dataset.

The problem is that now i want build a more complex "re-ranker", where i sort the results not just for popularity, but also for "recency".
For that i need to store all the Queries not only with a "weight" parameter, but also with the timestamps of the queries.

I read in the documentation that only 2 parameters are allowed: Input and Weight.. It´s not possible to store the Timestamps?

How can i achive my goal in the best way?

anyone know how can i do?


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