How to add multiple fields in cardinality

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I have created a table visualization in kibana 7.7 and there are 2 metrics of unique count fields present in the table and one bucket .Let's say time1 and time2 are 2 metrics of unique count and let's say the name of bucket is device I want count of all the entries which have time1 as fields in one column and count of all entries which have time2 as fields .But the issue with unique count is if I have different entry having same value of time1 then it will count as 1 but I want it count as different .So in my entry I have another field "id" which is unique for every entry .

So can I create a table with two cardinality fields of time1 and id for 1 table and time2 and id for another table



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If you can upgrade your instance I think you can leverage the power of runtime fields to compone a new field with the composition of the timeX field + id field, the compute the unique count on this new field.
You can read more about runtime field here: Getting started with runtime fields, Elastic’s implementation of schema on read | Elastic Blog

In 7.7 you might achieve a similar result using scripted fields, but performance will be a problem for high volume of data (which has been solved with runtime fields in newer versions).

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