How to add new node into existing cluster as multicast?

Hi all,
I have four virtual servers Sec01,Sec02,Sec03 and Sec04 setup in a cluster as multicast mode.
This works just fine where cluster name is CBCluster.

I am trying to add a new server (Sec05) into existing cluster (CBCluster) but new node cant find the existing nodes and Vise versa. I don't see in ES log any error or even new node is trying to connect to existing cluster and then ES makes this server (Sec05) the new stand alone master.

For all my servers the .yml file contains the following props:

  1. CBCluster
  2. (Individual names of the machines for easy understanding like Sec01 ... Sec05)
  3. 3m (with rest as default settings in ES .conf file)

I have tried setting up the cluster as ["IP addresses of Sec01 and Sec01"] mode on existing (Sec01,Sec02,Sec03 and Sec04) and new node Sec05 but this doesn't help either.

Could anyone help and point me in the right direction?


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