How to add the timezone information for Postgresql module in Filebeat?

I am using filebeat modules for syslog and postgresql. For System module, var.convert_timezone preserves the the timezone info in the ingest pipeline. However, this is not possible for postgresql module. I tried adding add_locale processor in the filebeat.yml but it does not work for the postgresql module. Please help me with this problem.

The var.convert_timezone setting does not directly convery the timestamp. It modifies the filebeat processor list and modifies the indest node pipeline. The add_locale processor does not convert the time, but it adds information about the machines location to the event. In ingest node the date processor is used for converting the timestamp.

You will have to adapt postgresql/log/ingest/pipeline.json as well. and run filebeat setup --pipeline, so to update Ingest Node.

Hi @steffens, thanks for the response. I had to do adapt the pipeline.json for my usecase and it works perfectly. I hope that in future this property is added in the official repository of beats.

A pull request with your change or issue for enhancement request would be very welcome: :wink:

Okay @steffens, I will do that by Monday. Thanks. :smiley:

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