How to analyze JVM heap memory ?

I want to know where memory used in es, as shown in the following figure:21.3gb memory used now in this node.i know some of them, such as:

  1. indices.queries.cache.size
  2. indices.fielddata.cache.size
  3. index.requests.cache.size
  4. segment memory(FTS is here?)
  5. indices.memory.index_buffer_size
  6. Indexing_pressure

we can get 1 2 3 4 from _cat/nodes API,how can i get 5 and 6 monitor?
and what else is there used memory ? search agg or some things ? how can monitor them?


Can you elaborate more on what problem you are looking to solve here?

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I just want to know where the memory is used and monitor it。

Which version are you using? Which GC are you using?

If you are using CMS GC it will only kick in once the heap is 75% full so not all 21.3GB might actually be used at the moment.

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7.10.2 G1

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