How to apply different index patterns to same dashboard and its widgets?

I have created a kibana dashboard for katalon reports for my API services. For that I have created a index pattern api_katalon_reports*. all the widgets inside that dashboard use this index pattern. Now, I have katalon reports for UI of my project. For that I use ui_katalon_reports* index pattern. Instead of creating new dashboard and widgets in order to view UI katalon report data, is there a way to apply ui_katalon_reports* index pattern to same dashboard which I used to view API katalon reports data? Note: UI and API reports have same fields.

Hi @DSMilestone,

I think I'd try to export your dashboard together with all your visualizations as saved objects:

Then in that export, I'd try to replace all occurrences of original index pattern id (id of api_katalon_reports*) with another index pattern id (id of ui_katalon_reports*).

After edits, I'd import that back to Kibana as a new objects.

In the end you should get 2 dashboards for different index patterns.
And 2x visualisations.

Some caveats I think of from top of my head:

  1. Kibana index pattern is also a saved object, so in your export, make sure you not changing original index pattern.
  2. Some visualizations (e.g. TSVB) don't use Kibana Index Patterns, instead they use elastic index strings directly e.g. api_katalon_reports*, so also look for and replace such occurrences in your export.

I didn't test this approach, but I think it should work.
If you are going to try this out, first try it on environment where breaking existing widgets won't be a problem :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply! I'll try this... :slight_smile:

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