How to archive the messages from logstash

Hi All,

i want to archive the old files for every month automatically.Could you please let us know the possibility and mechanism

You mean your created index in elasticearch? As logstash does not "store" data but rather sends it to elasticsearch.

If this is the case you need to move it to the elasticsearch discussion board.

No. I mean i have a log file which is continously storing gbs of data in
2-3 days,which is read by logstash.

I want to archive the logs into seperate file and appending logs
similarly to some other location. So i can maintain my memory in the
system wise by ziping the file

Ah ok, well as far as I know you cannot that with logstash, you need an external process for that.

On the Linux servers I manage the log rotation is controlled by logrotate which automatically rotates and compresses the logs at intervals specified in the configuration. I keep 7 days in Elasticsearch and 3 months of raw compressed logs on the logging server.

Logstash will know when the log has rotated and continue reading it.

I am not sure how to do this on a Windows setup.

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