How to assign back bulk numbers of Unassigned shards back into cluster

Hi All, any help is much appreciated. due to unexpected shutdown of my master nodes in elastic cluster I see more than 400 unassigned shards at this point, and wanted to check if there is any way I can assign them back across my nodes at a time ( with any specific scripted way ) . I want all of them back and allocated across all nodes , is there any automated way I can do that? Please suggest if any in case.
Many thanks for all help

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Reallocation will happen over time, so you may just have to wait.

:slight_smile: thank you Sir for all help here. Have a Nice day.

Hi Mark,
Unfortunately i still see many shards ( 112) both Primary and shards are unassigned and no progress over 16 hours.
Is there any way I can assign primary shared and replica shards back to nodes manually?
nothing moving at this point, as primary shards are unassigned cluster health is red . Please let me know if any solutions

What is the output from _cat/recovery?v?

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