How to Auto login into embedded iframe on Kiosk mode screen

We use Kibana 7.1.0

We use a forwarding website on a windows IIS webserver which sends the browser to a full screen kibana dashboard. This computer is automatically restarting once a day and should auto open this monitor dashboard in kiosk mode. there is no keyboard connected on this screen.

Currently we have the issue to log in manually. How can we set up a automatic log-in so that the dashboard shows the content automatically.

		<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=https://8d2773dc534c4ed7a1f791........... )">
		<h1>Weiterleitung an Kibana</h1>
		<p>Falls Ihr Browser keine automatische Weiterleitung unterstĆ¼tzt, <a href="https://8d2773dc534c4ed7a1f791........... >klicken Sie hier</a>!</p>

Hi @Chris4,

The current recommended way of doing this is to rely on reverse proxy in front of Kibana to supply Authorization: Basic *** header, like explained here for NGINX. I don't have examples with IIS, but the idea is the same: attribute every request to Kibana with Authorization: Basic *** HTTP header.


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Thanks @azasypkin can you help with IIS documentation for this reverse proxy ?

Sorry, I don't have any great references handy and the admin that manages your IIS should know better which URL rewrite rules are acceptable for your setup. Kibana doesn't require any special proxy setup.

The first links from Google look promising: one or two though.

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