How to build 7.9.1 kibana plugin?

I am moving my plugin to new platform.
After running node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_name i got this (screenshot 1):

So there is no package.json. How can I get a zip file so that I can install it later via the command bin/kibana-plugin install file:///

And how to add and use external npm dependencies? Migration guide says Note that package.json files are irrelevant to and ignored by the new platform.

I guess this was fixed in 7.9.2
You can use node scripts/generate_plugin my_plugin_name to create the plugin (you will see a package.json)
Then under you plugin folder you do a yarn add package_name
Then you need just to run yarn build to build your plugin as a zip

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But you will still need to add some workaround
check this github

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