How to calculate a percentage value on column

Hi all,

I need an help in order to calculate a percentage value inside a column.
I'm using Kibana 7.16.2 and I have a table with Lens:
1st column: item name ("Alpha", "Beta", "Gamma"....)
from 2nd column to N column a date: sum of purchases ("2020-01-01", "2020-02-01", "2020-03-01"....).

As you can see in my screen:
value A => It's ok!
value B => It's ok!
value C => I would like to see A / B, so 49/144 = 34.03%, not 2.04%
value D => always 100% (not 18.12%)

Now, about the calculation for C I have:
unique_count(item_name) / unique_count()

But I think my formula should be something like:
unique_count(item_name) / unique_count(sum_previous_column)

Could you please give me any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

You are looking for the overall_sum function in Lens

With the flights sample dataset, a table with carriers as rows and columns per date interval for count and percentage of count. Showing the definition of the percentage column:

Sorry my bad, the overall_sum function, as you probably already know, works over the row of the group, not over the column of each date bucket.

I can't figure out how to get the sum for the column to be applied in the formula :frowning_face:

@flash1293 any idea on how to sum the values on a column to get a percentage as defined by OP?

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