How to calculate Distance between Geolocation?

Hello, I am implementing a geolocation search.

Is there a way for AppSearch to calculate the distance between locations?

I know I can do this search. but is it possible that the result of the consultation shows the distance between the places?

Search Example:

"filters": {
    "location": {
      "center": "37.386483, -122.083842",
      "distance": 300,
      "unit": "km"

Answer Example.

      "restaurant": "Restaurant 1",
      "distance": "3km"
      "restaurant": "Restaurant 2",
      "distance": "10km"
      "restaurant": "Restaurant 3",
      "distance": "14km"

Hey @murilovictor, is this something that you can do yourself? Since you have the "center" and a location field on each document, you should be able to calculate this.

The one thing I am not sure of that you may want is the ability to sort based on that distance.

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Elasticsearch has Geo Sorting, which is not currently available in App Search:

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