How to calculate "net expansion factor"

Hi ,

I'm trying to figure out how to calculate "net expansion factor" , from reading a few notes I understand that

net expansion factor =  JSON Factor * Indexing Factor * Compression Factor

but how can I calculate JSON Factor , Indexing Factor ,Compression Factor ?

Thanks in advance.

You need to test it with your data and mappings, and you should make sure you index enough data so you have a shard of the size you intend to have in production. The JSON factor is a measure of the size difference between your raw data. Nd the enriched JSON form you will index. Indexing factor is a measurement of how much force your data takes up on disk once indexed compared to the enriched JSON form. The compression factor can be included in the indexing factor or send separately if you e.g. change to hest_compression once indices are no longer indexed into. The reason these are broken up is that the different factors are driven by decisions in different parts of the ingest process.

Thank you .

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