How to calculate shard_size

this issue came when i trying to find a top ten summary amount with aggregation by term variable A.
variable A have a lot of unique data . that makes the result of the top ten summary amount is invalid.

the first thing i have try is to using 1000 size but the result still invalid.
After that i try using 30000 shard_size and make the size become 10 and the result is valid.
its solve my problem right now .

but why 30000 shard size . how to calculate the exact shard_size to use in aggregation term ?
notes : my variable A unique data is 6.800.000 unique data .

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How many GB is your data?

thank you warkolm.

the data size of my index is

Why not just make it a single shard (with replicas). Unless you are expecting the ultimate data size to be massive, it should be fine with one.

iam so sorry to be honest i dont get what this means,
is single shard means shard_size =1 ?
but when shard_size below 30.000 the result of aggregation is invalid .

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