How to calculate the throughput for search operation in Elasticsearch by using Rally


We are using Elasticsearch as search engine and esrally as load generator to Elasticsearch.

The esrally is providing following details..
All,Min Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_50%,0.03,ops/s
All,Median Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_50%,0.04,ops/s
All,Max Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_50%,0.13,ops/s

All,Min Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_75%,0.01,ops/s
All,Median Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_75%,0.01,ops/s
All,Max Throughput,relative-kibana-content_issues-dashboard_75%,0.13,ops/s

we wrote few custom queries and integrated in Operation and Challenge folder ..

All,Min Throughput,custom_query_test,0.02,ops/s
All,Median Throughput,custom_query_test,0.02,ops/s
All,Max Throughput,custom_query_test,0.07,ops/s

How to calculate throughput of all search queries ?

Because i can see the ops/s for each query ..

Note: what is ops/s in this case?

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