How to call mget from Logstash?

The REST request below works in Kibana.

Can this similarly be achieved in Logstash? I am trying to retrieve multiple documents from multiple indices(5 indices) in a single request to ElasticSearch in Logstash.

GET /_mget
      "docs": [
          "_index": "index1",
          "_id": "A"
          "_index": "index2",
          "_id": "B"


I do not think the elasticsearch input can be configured to use an _mget call. It might be possible with an http_poller input. Obviously you lose access to all the options of the elasticsearch input if you do that.

Oh, let me clarify. I was intending for it to be a filter instead. The objective is to join 5 indices to the current event. I could use ElasticSearch as a filter but I can only query one index at a time. 5 indices would mean 5 queries. Is there a way to do this in a single query so essentially one network hop?

    input {
      #reading from a CSV file

    filter {
    #retrieve documents from index1 and index2 and join with current event

    output {
      elasticsearch {
        hosts => ES
        index => "index3"
       action => "update"
        document_id => "%{key)"
        doc_as_upsert => true


Both the input and filter call, and I do not think that method can be told to _mget. You have the option of using an http filter to make the call to elasticsearch.

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